Preparing for your new Lawn

A great lawn starts with the prep work. By correctly prepping your site you will ensure the best start to your new lawn.

So you’ve ordered your new lawn and now its time to prepare your area. Follow these step by step instructions and you’ll be well on your way to your new dream lawn.

  • Step 1

    Start out by spraying out or removing any existing weeds or grasses. Whether this is by hand or by use of a herbicide such as roundup ensuring your surface is weed free will go a long way in ensuring your new lawn is laid on a surface where it has a happy foundation to grow from. Also remove any debris such as branches or stones and rocks.
  • Step 2

    Thoroughly cultivate your soil in your desired planting area to loosen the soil and incorporate some manure or compost if your soil is low in nutrients ensuring a high-quality topsoil. Level off your area well to get your desired end levels for your new lawn to be placed on as the lawn will ultimately take shape of the ground it is placed on. Leave a gap between any paving or decked areas and your finished soil level as the grass will take up this gap and leave you with a flush level onto the existing surrounding surface.
  • Step 3

    Now the real fun begins! Measure and order your lawn by following our measuring guide and contact details to place your order.
  • Step 4

    Everything is now prepared and ready. Your soil is in perfect condition and your turf has been delivered* in perfect fresh ready to install condition. Once you have received your lawn lay immediately to avoid any drying out or overheating in the sun. Use a wheelbarrow to move the sods if access is restricted and lay your sods in a brick work pattern.
  • Step 5

    And Voila!!! Your new lawn has successfully been installed. But dont get too excited and forget to water your lawn. Water it deeply and consistently until the roots have established and the slabs can no longer be lifted up off the ground.

By following these easy but necessary steps you’ll be on your way to your dream lawn!


We service the whole of the Eastern Cape and can arrange country wide deliveries on request*